City Chicken (Frozen)


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While the name may be misleading, this delicious meat-on-a-stick isn’t actually made with chicken. It’s a beloved Polish comfort food consisting of cubes of juicy Ontario Pork threaded onto a wooden skewer, then lightly seasoned and breaded.

4 pieces per package (400 g)


Fresh Ontario Pork • Cracker crumbs (Wheat flour, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Glucose-fructose, Modified milk ingredients, Salt, Ammonium bicarbonate, Baking soda, Papain, Amylase, Protease) • Whole egg • Garlic salt • Vegetable oil (Canola) for cooking

Contains: Wheat • Milk • Egg


During the Great Depression, veal and pork were much less expensive than chicken, especially in urban city locations.  The term ‘city chicken’ was an entrée consisting of cubes of meat (either pork or pork and veal) threaded onto a wooden skewer, breaded, deep fried and then baked to resemble a fried chicken leg.


Want to know more about the history behind this dish?  Visit the Wikipedia site for full details.

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