the story of stuffed.

who we are

We are a family owned and operated Perogy Team based in Waterdown, Ontario.  We specialize in making delicious Handcrafted Perogies and other European Cuisine.  With both German and Polish descent, classic dishes like Cabbage Rolls, Kapusta, Spaetzle, Schnitzel and of course Perogies were staple dinners on the table for most meals.  Our grandparents were all hardworking farmers in the rural Hamilton area, so a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables were always plentiful at meals.

our mission

Food is Love!  At stuffed., we specialize in preparing delicious handcrafted perogies and have enhanced our traditional family recipes with locally sourced ingredients.

Stuffed. Handcrafted Perogies - Team Perogy

company history

Chef Mike started cooking and baking from scratch at a young age alongside his mother.  Over the years, he developed a passion for creating magnificent dishes by entertaining family and friends.

As a culinary school graduate, Chef Mike has always dreamed of having his own restaurant.  With so many people now working long hours and involved in extra-curricular activities with their families, he wants to be able to bring back that homemade feel of meals using fresh ingredients.

In 2013, Chef Mike decided to establish his own business called stuffed., with a focus on handmade perogies.  Through annual appearances at the St. George AppleFest, he quickly discovered that his perogies had become a craving for many customers along the way and began selling frozen products at local farmers’ markets and other special events.

During the Summer of 2019, stuffed. introduced a brand new Mobile Kitchen which allows us to participate in festivals throughout the Greater Hamilton Area, and offer catering for private or corporate parties.  A variety of dishes are offered from the Food Trailer including our Classic Cheddar Cheese Perogies, Perogy Poutine, The Snakebite, Fully Loaded Perogies, City Chicken, Dill Pickle Soup, Fried Cheese Curds and Deep Fried Pickles.  

In 2019, stuffed. also received several Reader’s Choice Awards through the Hamilton Spectator and Flamborough Review, including the Platinum Winner for Best Food Truck and Best Fast Food, Diamond Winner for Best Catering Company and Gold Winner for Best New Restaurant, Specialty Food Store, Family, Lunch, Overall Service, Take-Out, and Vegetarian.  Additionally, a trophy was presented for Most Awesome Staff at Toronto’s Foodalicious Festival.

In January 2020, we helped to create a new Winter Farmers’ Market at Connon Nurseries in Waterdown, which gives other Local Food Vendors the opportunity to sell their goods to the community.  We’ve also started the year with a bang, winning 1st Runner Up for the Best Soup at the Soupfest fundraiser for the Living Rock Youth Resource Centre in Hamilton.  Our Dill Pickle Soup entry created a lot of buzz as we served over 1,200 bowls to the guests in attendance. 

In March 2020, COVID-19 had a devastating effect on the Foodservice Industry, forcing many owners to permanently close their doors.  All of our scheduled local festivals and events were continuously being cancelled throughout the year.  By May, we had launched an online eCommerce site to offer pick-up and home delivery in Waterdown and Burlington.  In late summer, two new farmers’ markets were hosted at the Rockton Fairgrounds and Connon Nurseries.  The local Community has offered so much support during this difficult time and continue to place orders on a weekly basis.

This year we also received a total of 26 Reader’s Choice Awards through the Hamilton Spectator, Toronto Star and the Flamborough Review including Diamond Winner for Best Food Truck, Platinum Winner for Best Catering Company and Gold Winner for Best Customer Service and Best Poutine (our Perogy Poutine is very popular!), just to name a few.

So far in 2021, stuffed. was awarded Best Soup and Most Creative Soup at #Soupfest2021 with our Bacon Mushroom Soup, and have won 24 Reader’s Choice Awards from the Burlington Post and Hamilton Community News (18 Diamond, 2 Platinum and 4 Gold), including #1 for Best Local Chef – Michael Schmidt; plus another 39 awards through CommunityVotes in Burlington, Hamilton, Flamborough and Oakville for Best German, European, International, Food Trucks, Fast Food, Caterers, Gourmet Food Shop, Take Out and Vegetarian (just to name a few).

It sounds like 2021 is going to be another exciting year, and we look forward to seeing you again at the Waterdown Farmers’ Market (and hopefully) at a local festival sometime in the near future!    

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @TeamPerogy to discover where stuffed. will be featured this season or e-mail us to inquire about more information and catering events!


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