The best things in life are made from scratch and pinched by hand.  Perogies are a classic European dumpling that can be served as a side dish or as a whole meal on their own.  Paired with a juicy smoked sausage, cabbage rolls, schnitzel, roasted meat or fish, Perogies can be consumed with almost anything and covered in an endless number of toppings or sauces.  This comfort food is traditionally served with caramelized onions, crumbled bacon bits and a dollop of sour cream, but you can enhance the flavour by trying a different type of filling or simply adding a savoury sauce.  No matter how you eat them, we know you’ll enjoy the Handcrafted Perogies from stuffed.! 




  1. Prepare perogies from a frozen state.
  2. Fill a large stock pot with water.  Bring to a rolling boil.  Add salt.
  3. Place one dozen frozen perogies into boiling water and stir gently with a spatula to prevent perogies from sticking together or to the bottom of the pot.
  4. Cook on High for 3-5 minutes until they float to the top. Do not overcook.
  5. Drain in a colander and toss gently in melted butter.
  6. Serve with sautéed onions, sour cream or your favourite toppings.